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AOC French Brasserie at Sofitel Dubai JBR — February 13, 2016

AOC French Brasserie at Sofitel Dubai JBR

Sofitel is a luxury 5 star restaurant and we had a chance to experience fine dining at their AOC French Brasserie brunch. Being lucky enough to be invited as a winner on their social media site to brunch at their place was an exclusive experience.

The most important highlight for us beside their excellent food was their focus on kids special brunch menu with loads of entertainment in a separate seating area. While adults have an option to be seated within the restaurant or with the kids in the kids area or a la fresco facing the sea view the ambiance was simply perfect.


Their staff were  extremely helpful and always attended to our table. Having a kid with us made us want to be in the kids area.  The special kids menu was healthy and tasty with lots of steamed veggies, fish and chicken including sweets and cupcakes.

The kids were kept entertained with all sorts of arts, crafts blocks and video games which had  them busy playing during the brunch.

The main brunch had various platters of French delicacies. The portion serving size were just perfect that encourages people to taste more of a variety of food without an unnecessary overfill.

Recommend their duck foi gras, cheeses, seafood station specially the tiger prawns with seaweed salad and mackrel fish.


French food means a lot of dessert and macaroons and tiramisu happens to be our favorite with a whole range of other desserts on their platter.image

If you truly want to experience fine dining you need to add Sofitel to your list of restaurants to dine. We thank Mr Prasanna the Manager and all other staff members who were helpful  and not to forget the kids favorite person Ms. Mary who bonded so well with all kids while she entertained them.





Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa — October 16, 2015

Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa

We were glad to be invited by the Dubai Marine Resort and Spa to spend time and enjoy their pools, private beach and brunch.  The resort has been designed to the best, considering the available space for their entire layout right from the their pools, proximity to the beach and their restaurants, everything is designed perfectly.  Located in Jumeriah 1 in Dubai and is frequently visited by tourists and residents to spend a relaxing time at this resort.

dubai marine

The beach is well located right next to the resort.  A small beach meant for a peaceful quite relaxation time makes you feel like an exquisite and secluded place.  We preferred the beach over the pools for its for its calm and turquoise waters.  We had a toddler and this beach is quite safe for a small kiddie to waddle in the water without the worry of tides and currents.  Their lifeguards were on constant patrol on the deck.  The weather was pleasant and not to sunny with the summers fading away a morning swim in the water is quite relaxing.


There were at least three pools well located for guests to have close proximity to their beach chairs.  The kids pool is a busy one with the life guard on patrol.  Well designed pools with water falls to add to their decor and keep everyone busy enjoying their time.


There were plenty of sun beds all over the resorts filled with guests to get themselves tanned.  With the Fall season in place it was a perfect day to get tanned. Not to hot to lay in the sun.  Customer service was in full swing serving and taking care of the guests’ requirements.  As the sun moved so did the shades of the sun beds.



P1020109The layout of tiny bridges with flowing streams in between the resort is a pleasing sight to the eyes.  Keeping in mind that Dubai is a sandbox a lot of greenery has been added to rule out the hot sandy patch.  As you stroll down the resort you can definitely feel that you are not in a desert.




P1020127Taverna served the best Friday brunch with a variety of dishes that were freshly cooked, not to mention the live cook station where you get your grilled barbecue food cooked right in front of you.  The staff were quite polite and always ready to help.  Thanks to Pheobe who was so kind enough to give us a hands on the restaurant.

P1020133The restaurant decor and ambiance was well laid out to build up an appetite after a swim in the pool and beach.  A wide variety of salads right from veggies, seafood salads to meats and wild rice. Loved their smoked salmon and chicken tikka. Their main course platter too was great and we specially liked the beef mushrooms, live grilled station food and their southern fried chicken.  Do not forget to save some space for the dessert.  Right from fresh fruit salads to sweet desserts to dig in your sweet tooth.  From strawberry truffle, hot apple crumble, raspberry delight, pistachio delights and quite a lot more to nibble on.



P1020138Well… ahem… my plate does look too full, but I couldn’t run down again for another refill at the brunch counter as I had a sleepy toddler on my shoulder after a long swim, while I relished my food.  The brunch was well laid out with all kinds of salads, appetizers, man courses, grills and desserts to serve your appetite. The resort has the best amenities and is kid friendly.  Its a great place to unwind and relax your mind.  A secluded getaway in the busy buzzing life of Dubai.  Do visit them to experience you slice of life.  We look forward to visiting them as the weather now gets more cooler in Dubai its time to head out the the beach and pools.

Paris by night brunch at La Residence Dubai — October 6, 2015

Paris by night brunch at La Residence Dubai

A one of a kind night bunches that recently started was a hit in a Dubai.  You can get a feel of the real taste in Paris.  Right from the ambiance and music  to the food and customer service, all the things add up to paint a beautiful and sumptuous dining experience.

We were welcomed with Rose and Burlesque drinks followed later on with alcohols. The tiny cheesy buns served as accompaniments just melt away in your mouth.


For starters we were served Landes Duck foie gras and Tuna tartare accompanied by the Hertiage tomato salad.

The duck foi gras was plated up with chilled ice cream and a layer of marmalade which was new to the palate.and surprisingly delicious. With each spoon of the dish you get a taste of the duck with a tang and a chilled vanilla flavored ice cream.

Duck Foi Gras
                                                         Duck Foi Gras

Similarly the Tuna tartare was well-balanced to taste. It was plated up with espelette cream to blend with the fish.

Tuna Tartare
                                                             Tuna Tartare

A surprise salad dish was the Heritage tomato. It was a mixture of well chopped variety of tomatoes which were sweet and well-chosen or hand-picked to go along with the other dishes. It was plated with whipped goat cheese and pesto sauce.

Heritage tomatoes
                                                              Heritage tomatoes

The goodness just kept coming on, followed by the aphrodisiac oysters. We were served Fine de Claire Oysters. It was served along with the tangy lemon and finely chopped salad.


For the main course we were served Seabass and Beef Sourguignon.  Our seabass fish was plated up with roasted artichoke, olive tapenades and cherry tomatoes confit. The beef was incredibly well cooked that just melted away in the mouth, It was plated up with mashed potatoes.  After the main course we made space for desserts hoping to get a good bite on all the ones.

We were first served with Fruit and sorbet platter.  It was a mix of various sorbet from raspberry and vanilla with fruit delicacies to relish along.

                             Fruit Platter

the next was the heavenly French toast brioche. As good as it tasted it was hurriedly gobbled,  The extremely tasty spongy toast served along with salted caramel ice cream was well prepared.

French Toast Brioche
                                                    French Toast Brioche

Last but not the least was yet another heavenly dessert the Chocolate fondant. As good as it looks in the picture, it was irresistible and it was served with mascarpone sorbet.

Chocolate Fondant
                                                                  Chocolate Fondant

The most important part during the dining experience was that the service was good and they made sure in spite of being busy not to overlook at your table.  They made sure that when your done the next platter/dish was ready to be served.  They made sure to check on us and collect feedback about the dishes and that is what makes a dining experience great.  We look forward to dining there again, hopefully during this Christmas as they have plans to introduce more variety on their menu.

Al Majaz Waterfront – Sharjah -Khalid Lagoon — October 1, 2015

Al Majaz Waterfront – Sharjah -Khalid Lagoon

The magnificent Al Majaz Waterfront is located at Khalid Lagoon, in Sharjah.  Its beautiful landscape work has been designed as a part of the renowned Shurooq project.

Splash park
Splash park
Flower themed splash park
Flower themed splash park
Sharjah city scape
Sharjah city scape

IMG-20151001-WA0000Alwan kids area

The Waterfront has 11 attractions at the moment to you and your family busy enjoying while you tour round the place.

Splash Park – Attractive flower themed displays and water sprinklers keep children and people of all ages busy splashing around the park.  The best part about the park is that its zero dept and is accessible to people with special needs.

Sharjah fountain – A display of colorful light filled shows with holograms that depict the histroy of sharjah.

Sharjah Abra Boat – The abra ride gives a glimpse of the busy life on Khalid canal.  It is a pretty view of the city landscape and it gets more magical and peaceful when you view it from the abra. All the hustle bustle comes to a standstill.

Play area – Play areas are suitable designed for separate age groups. Toddler and older kids can enjoy and get a dose of good exercise.

Mini golf – This specially designed mini golf area with 18 holes keeps you hooked up playing with your team mates.

Family train – Enjoy the waterfront area by riding the family train. Little ones love to ride the train and wave at passersby.

Heirarchy of being – You can view images upside down from the pinhole withiin the sculpted building from a different point of view.

Jogging track – A perfect way to stay fit by jogging and enjoying the beautify views. The jogging track is meant only for jogging and running not riding bikes and other vehicles on the specially designed track.

City sightseeing sharjah bus – Visitors can view the entire city and  get a glimpse of important places and monuments.

Byky rides – You can rent a byky and ride up and down the waterfront on designated areas.

ALWAN kids area – A day care activity area designed for kids and parents to enjoy together.

Restaurants – There is a wide range of restaurants

Shakespeare & co. – A shabby chic interior designed restaurant with pretty views outdoor and set exactly in front of the fountain. Their food is delicious tempting and do try their desserts.

El Manza – It takes you back to the Morocan world with its beautiful ambiance . Its one of the restaurant that has the best views overlooking the fountain.

Pizzaro – They serve delicious Italian cuisines right from pizzas to pastas that’s freshly baked at their restaurant.

TGI Fridays – Serves American freshly cooked delicious food

Zahr El Laymoun – Authentic Lebanese restaurant that gives you a taste of the Middle East cusine.

Tim Hortons – This Canadian restaurant serves delicous food wraps, sandwiches along with fresh coffee, tea and cappuccino.

Carribou Cafe – They brew coffee with some of the finest beans around the town.

Coldstone – A creamery place where you can choose your own ice cream flavour, toppings and have the pleasure of it being made in front of you.

A one stop family destination is what we can sum up of Al Majaz Waterfront.

Dinner at Shakespeare & Co at Al Majaz Waterfront — September 23, 2015

Dinner at Shakespeare & Co at Al Majaz Waterfront

It was a pleasure to be invited for a dining experience at such a beautiful restaurant at an amazing location.


Set right in the most picturesque location with a fairy tale ambiance this restaurant gives a whole new feel to the dining experience.


Shakespeare & Co. has the most mesmerizing interior layout.  Every nook and corner has been carefully decorated to give a special touch of the Victorian era.  From the shabby chic colored upholstery to the pretty paintings and accessories everything just looks very inviting.




More than their pretty interior designed layout, their food and customer service is quite excellent, which exceeds expectation.  Their staff members were polite and not in a hurry moreover the restaurant was more crowded at the later part of the evening. We were greeted with complimentary hot bread and butter flavored with garlic and herbs.


Our butternut squash soup was well textured and savored.  It was drizzled with creme fraiche and very warm to drink in a cool summer breeze.

The drinks were refreshing love potion and healthy on the menu turned out to be a great smoothie.  The love potion drink was a mix up of sweet bananas, peaches, strawberries and oranges.  I chose to have this drink to see what it tastes like when you mix a banana with citric juice as I had not experimented with this combination earlier and I must say it was splendidly tasty.  Along with this we also ordered another drink from the menu named as ‘healthy’.  It was a pureed juice of green apples, carrots, ginger, mixed berried and celery.


Our appetizers were prawn piri piri which was tender and well spiced up.  It was accompanied along with fried crisp potato croquettes. The sauce of the piri piri was tangy and the prawns were flavored with garlic, coriander, butter flavored chilli.


The main course was a dish named ‘Cordon Bleu’.  It was a well stuffed breaded chicken escalope filled with all the yummy gooey sauce along with turkey ham, beef bacon, mushrooms and with well buttered potatoes that melt away in your mouth.


We had also ordered the traditional fish and chips dish which was classic to our taste. It was served along with tartar sauce and mixed greens.


To clear our palate we had some aromatic jasmine lotus flowering tea and English tea with ginger lemon.  As good as it tasted the jasmine lotus tea was visually appealing where the glass tea kettle had a vibrant amaranth flower floating that resembles the lotus flower.

After spending almost 4 hours dining, time flew by past us and this is truly what we look for at a dining experience where one does not want to finish dinner in a hurry, but enjoy the experience while relishing every dish with a splendid view.

On an overall experience, I would say its excellent with great value for your money, great food, the best overlooking location to dine in their balcony while you watch the dancing fountain lit with lights and holograms and good customer service. This place is a must visit to unwind yourself with the beautiful views.

“Festa Della Pizza” Celebration at Eastern Mangroves Carluccio’s – Reviewed — September 18, 2015
Indian Cusine with a modern twist – Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor at Melia Dubai — September 13, 2015

Indian Cusine with a modern twist – Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor at Melia Dubai

As soon as you enter Signature you are greeted with a warm aroma of various spices and the ambiance makes you feel relaxed.

Live cook for dine area
                                                     Experience a live cook and dine area

Having visited with a toddler I can say that it’s a family friendly restaurant. To my surprise my toddler too enjoyed a taste of the meal here in spite of carrying home cooked baby food.

On arrival we were greeted with complimentary papads and various chutneys with a twist. The mango lassi and the lamb galouti ulta paratha were handcrafted with lots of flavour, the butter chicken and biryani were aromatic with lots of flavor. The meats were marinated and well cooked.

A burst of flavours & colours
A burst of flavours & colours
Dahi chat served with tangy refreshing paani poori water
Dahi chat served with tangy refreshing paani poori water
hot biryani and butter chicken served in traditional earthenware

After having a heavy meal you feel full but not stuffy. There is always room for dessert and I loved my electric fry kulfi with a twist of fireworks and crackling sounds while eating it.

The restaurant staffs were very cooperative. They were well informed and had the knowledge of each and every dish being served. Thank you, Saahil Ahuja and Mary Jane for being so kind and informative on the dishes.

                                           At Melia Dubai lobby at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

For people who feel that their food takes time to come to their table after being ordered need to understand that this not a fast food outlet, but a traditional cuisine with a modern twist which enhances your dining experience in all aspects. Keeping this in mind I have named the title of this article as Indian Cusine with a modern twist – which lives up to its name.

Look forward to visiting them again. If you are new to the Indian cuisine and want to try it out, then this place is recommended with excellent service and food.

Hello world! — September 12, 2015

Hello world!

This is my very first post. I plan to transpire all things that inspire my life on this blog. Hope you have fun and get inspired reading it too. Would love to share my experiences and review places, food, products and things that add little joys to life. Live life to the fullest.

Happy reading!